why eboys suck

theyll say the n word and will be forgiven because of their "looks". theyll start reading feminist prose all in the name of equality and praise the works of the 19th amendment, ignoring how many figures behind the act did not advocate for the black women of america. theyll bully people through tik tok and pass it off as a "quirky joke". but youll forgive him because he's cute. but youll forgive him due to the dopamine that you get when he apologizes for not texting you back. because he frames it on his personality. "just deal with it, sweetheart. it's just the way that i act". as he spends his time on someone else. as he rejects your entity for women and men who would watch him burn. and when you pull him out of the flames, he'll praise you for a while. and then play with matches the next day. the spark that he holds is dangerous. he'll lie and tell you that he's "sorry". he forgot because he's "always busy". without checking up on you. letting the conversation simmer so that you chase after him. and text him sweet everythings that are his nothings. you are nothing to him. she is everything to him. he is nothing to her. and he doesnt get this. he complains about girls not liking him. when he rejects the nice girls for the ones who represent a chase. maybe i was too kind. maybe i was too pushy. maybe i am the same thing that i despise. he'll realize. and then he'll come back to you. send you a "hey, havent spoken to you in forever". when he realizes your worth. when you invest in yourself instead of investing in boys who use you. use feminism. use racial equality. use women to advance their selfish agenda of attention. and worship. greed. prey on women and social issues so that they can get a quick fix. and when he texts you that message youve wanted for so long, youll reject him. he never wanted you. and you never needed him.